Cookies Policy

In accordance with the legislation in force, all visitors to the website are asked for their consent prior to the transmission of cookies to the electronic devices used for access.

Cookies are small files made up of letters and names that will be stored on the device through which the user accesses the Internet. Cookies are installed by a web server’s request to a search engine (browser) and cannot access information on the user’s device and do not contain spyware or viruses. They use plain text formats (alphanumeric characters only) and are not made up of code fragments, so they cannot be executed and do not run themselves and have no ability to cause any change to the device on which they are stored. Information stored in this way may be retransmitted to our servers or to relevant third party servers during a subsequent visit.

Cookies can be of several types: necessary (essential for the proper functioning of the website and which cannot be disabled); performance (allow monitoring of website traffic); functional (allow better functionality and personalization of the website, and disabling them may affect the proper functioning of the services).

The website uses its own and third-party cookies to provide users with an optimal browsing experience. Cookies facilitate access and delivery of electronic services to the user by: customizing certain settings (e.g. browsing language) or accessing previous preferences. They also provide site owners with information on how users use their sites, which is necessary for optimisation and updating purposes, as well as to measure the audience.

Disabling or refusing to receive cookies may make some websites difficult or impossible to access and use. We recommend customising your browser settings for cookies that are stored on the devices used according to user preferences and constantly updating your browser versions and anti-virus/anti-spyware applications.

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